Seasonal Menus

We have developed four seasonal menus that consist of three nutritionally balanced meals including a morning, afternoon, and evening hydration and snack program. Each season’s menu has been patterned to use foods that are indicative to that season, to assure fresher fruit in the appropriate season.


We have a Hydration and Snack program that offers each person something to eat or drink at 10am, 2pm, and 7pm. However, because of our home environment, our kitchen is always open. Our people are able to have a glass of milk or juice, or eat a piece of fruit or other snack at any time. Many of our people enjoy getting involved in baking, so there is never a shortage of goodies at the homes!

Meal Preparation

Food preparation and storage shall always be done with the utmost care to assure the health and safety for all. Preparation for each meal shall consist of appropriate portions for everyone. The nightshift may prepare a meal to ensure that the food is ready at the mealtime. An example of this is preparing a pot roast and vegetables in a Crock-Pot so that it is ready for the Noon meal.

Modified diets are also available for those residents having swallowing difficulties. In this instance, meals may be pureed. Alternative diets are also available for those with diabetes concerns.