Life Care

Daily Life Care

Our care focuses on one class of diseases: Alzheimer’s and other memory-impairing dementias. We are qualified for and committed to making our homes the best choice for our Residents and their families, whether they come to us in early or more advanced stages of memory loss. For many Residents, a move to a skilled nursing facility will never be necessary. Our environment, expertise, and individualized care allow for success in everyday living and a lifetime of dignity and self-esteem that lives on in a place called home.

Plan of Care

Each Resident, upon admission, has an individualized Plan of Care. It includes Ambulation, Bathing, Bowel and Bladder, Communication, Dietary needs, Dressing, Laundry specifications, and Oral cares along with Personal Preferences, Social History, and past and present hobbies. These careplans are reviewed and updated annually by the Administrative team and the families.


Each home has 1-2 bathing areas, with many having a tub/shower combination and also a walk-in shower. Every bathing area is equipped with a shower chair, grab bars, non-slip mats, and hand-held shower heads. Our Caregiving staff is trained to assist our Residents with any bathing needs. A Resident’s bath schedule is set up upon admission per the family and Resident’s request for number of baths per week.


Caregivers assist each Resident, as needed, with dressing. For those Residents in the Early Stages of Alzheimers, assistance may be ensuring that clothes are appropriate for the weather, that clothes are not layered (wearing two or more of the same item), and making sure that fasteners are secured. As the dementia progresses, we are able to offer more assistance as the Resident needs. We are able to offer total assistance for those who need it.

Grooming and Hygiene

Our Caregivers assist our Residents daily with oral hygiene, shaving, nail care, and hair care. Once a week, we have a beautician available at each home for hair cuts and styling. This can be set up on a weekly basis or on an as needed basis, per the family’s request.